Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Late email

Elder Kay was late emailing this week due to a visit to the temple Here's what he had to say

This email is coming on a Wednesday as it was our temple day today - it was wonderful to go to the temple. I had the opportunity to do baptisms and confirmations, it was great. I can't remember much of last week, it all seeks to blend now so I'm not sure what was this week and last week and three weeks ago hahaha! It was a pretty good week as far as I remember, I think the thing I most remember was trade-offs with the District leader, it was great learning from him. He is from Niue. He is a great missionary and is very bold. We were blessed to find a less active part member family whose children were being taught by the missionaries in the past and then just didn't go back for some reason. We've been doing a lot of finding but we really need to change it up. We are finding people but it really isn't that effective. We have been able to be with a Fijian family though who we found a week or two ago. The Husband is a less active member with non member wife and children, they are awesome, we are going round for dinner and hopefully will be able to start teaching them, the wife had a lot of questions last time. I've found that as I get closer to the end of my mission, temptation has increased and I find I have to be constantly on the move focussing on the gospel and the people, this time will be a time of real growth. I am studying Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage at the mo, it has some amazing insights and incredible gospel truths. The miracles and the teachings of Christ are incredible to study and ponder and motivate us to be more like him, better teachers and disciples. I find myself just like Jeffrey R. Holland fascinated by the Apostles, they remind me of myself, so impetuous and unlearned in the ways of the Kingdom of God and things. Obviously they are no longer like that and have progressed beyond all that and those same blessings are available to us. I was also on trade-offs this week with our Zone Leader and learned some great things from him. We were talking about how there are so many things that testify the Gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ is true and than we began talking about how each person is a child of God and began pointing at the passing cars say "he's a child of God... he's a child of God... she's a child of God.... he can become a god, and he doesn't even know it" As we remember that these people are all children of God, our brothers and sisters, we WANT to share the gospel with them. I am so grateful for everything I have, my family, friends and all of you wonderful people who give me the support and love I need.
Keep strong Keep the faith 

Love LDK xxx

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