Monday, 17 June 2013

Here are excerpts from the last few emails. It's Elder Kay's birthday on 18th July, so if you would like to send a card the address is just to the right of this post

Hope everyone is well, things are good over here although they are cold, yes mum it is transfers this week, if I stay I'm buying some trousers and hat and gloves methinks :/ Things are pretty much the same as last week, a lot of lessons fell through but we continue to go forward. We have some good plans for this week. We were able to get some good stuff done in PEC (Priesthood Executive Committee meeting). That is one thing I've learned about heaps on my mission is administration of the church. It's such a blessing to be on a mission.

LDK xxx

Hey sorry it won't be much of an email. I'm doing well, Elder Lao was transferred. My New companion's name is Elder Edwards. Sorry it's short; we got back from transfers late and I wanted to email Ems and James as they emailed me and I felt I needed to respond. Love you all hope all is well.
LDK xxx

Sorry I didn't email last week we were super busy. I'm doing really well. I'm not sure if I told you about my new companion. He's from Melbourne and we actually came on our mission at the same time so I knew him from the MTC. He's great we get along well.

The work is going better at the moment we are teaching a lady who is getting Baptised on the 29th of June, she is an ex nun and she is awesome. We are having the Baptism in a swimming pool as Warwick doesn't have a font and she's from an even smaller Branch near the New South Wales border. Toowoomba (the nearest chapel with a font) is too far away for everyone to go and she can't get baptised in the Dam because it's too cold.

Its really cold here it's getting into minus figures at night now and it probs only gets to like 17 tops in the day. Tracting is not the best way of finding here, but we keep moving on. We continue to work with the members and the less actives, I think the members are finally getting to be excited about missionary work.

Anyhoo I love you all, be the best not the rest :P
LDK xxxx