Wednesday, 27 March 2013

March 2013

Hello from South Queensland.
This week was transfers and I got transferred to a small town called Warwick about a 3 and 1/2 hour drive from Brisbane. We are working here after Sisters so it's something new and it will be interesting. Sending two completely new missionaries into an area is known as 'whitewashing'. My companion is one of the Elders from my last flat.  It was a big surprise when President announced transfers.  This area seems to be nice. The town seems to be about half the size of Alnwick, but the town centre is about the same size. There quite a few more members in this Branch (about 50 every week). The Branch members are really nice - they gave us a lovely welcome (I love Branches) The work will probs be fairly slow to start off with but the sisters have given us a good grounding - we just need to get to know the members and the area. We are full time walk at the moment as we have no bikes, we wont be able to go to outlying towns in the Branch unless we get a lift with the members, It will be hard but I'm excited I kind of needed a challenge like this, I was kind of comfortable in Redcliffe, especially with a companion I got along with so well. I hope we can follow on from the sisters. 

Warwick is country as it has like rodeos and stuff!!The work just started off slow but the sisters must have done wonders because we had heaps of referrals this week.. We now have bikes ... next  minute... my companion gets a flat, he fixed it today, then it went flat again!!!! aaarrrgh  We found a few potential investigators last week but a lot of people here seem to be busy during the day :/ We'll see what we can do. Half the branch members live miles away from Warwick itself. The members are awesome but I'm still trying to get my bearings to get them to come to lessons and stuff to have people fellowship. We are working hard. Send my best to everyone 


How are you all today? hello from a very humid Warwick, we had a storm yesterday evening; we were just sitting at a members eating pizzas watching the storm pass over - it was pretty awesome. Sorry I didn't get any pictures but it was so beautiful after it passed over the sunset was shining on the cloud bank and you could see the lightning inside the clouds :P.

The work is picking up here,  we've had a few referrals and we are trying to get to do some service because I think that is how we will get through to the people, I think they've had some 'pushy'  missionaries so we are just loving and nice to people. We were invited to a Christian fundraiser by some  people we met and it was nice, we were able to talk to a lot of people. A new door approach I want to try is "we have prayerfully selected you to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ, is there a time we can come and share it with you?"  I think I'm really learning in this area, 'whitewashing' stretches you but it is good.

I sort of wish I could have stayed in Redcliffe but the Lord obviously wants me here and I love it here, we just can't go to the Temple... again. C'est la Vie.

Take care.

Elder Kay