Monday, 20 May 2013

Is 19° cold?

20th May

Elder Kay didn't email last week as we spoke to him on Skype Sunday 12th May, which was Mothers' Day in Australia. He now has an Australian accent and uses a lot of words and phrases he didn't know before he went on his mission - some missionary phrases and some Aussie ones. Here's this week's email: - 

How is everyone? I'm doing great, Warwick is cold  and I don't like the cold, but it is very beautiful here in winter. The work is going pretty well too, we are doing a lot of finding. We have found more great potentials (one of them wasn't in when we called for our appointment today, but she got back to us so hopefully we can set up another time). She seems solid as. We also got a new Branch Mission Leader on Sunday who is awesome so I think the Work is going to get better. We're going to start having a little section in the start of Priesthood/Relief Society to teach the members about Preach my Gospel and how to share the Gospel with Friends, we need more member Missionary work. It's weird to think back to my early days when I struggled to talk to people at a door or on the street, there are still apprehensions but it's almost second nature now. I still need to be better though and I could work smarter. You just learn so much. and I love it when the Spirit calms you when people are being rude or abusive to you, it's amazing.
Missionary work really is incredible, there is no work like it and none more important.

Well I love you all, the church is true. 

(Here is the link to the weather forecast there - it's not as cold as England and it's supposed to be late spring coming into summer here!!! Elder Kay's friend, Elder Jorgensen is serving in Botswana and he was commenting about the "cold" as well - I suppose people acclimatise to where they are)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Mission Conference, Sunday School and a pet kangaroo

29th April

This week has been slow but we spent a lot of time out of the area due to transfers and we also had a special mission conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks, it was awesome, he's such a great guy and it was such a privilege to feel of his spirit he gave some awesome insights on revelation and our "mantle"

We are still looking for people to teach but we will be teaching some investigators in Stanthorpe (near the NSW border) in a couple of weeks.

Things are good I love you all hope you are well. I'll send a letter to the Branch soon (sorry I'm terrible at writing)

6th May

Hello hello,
How is everyone? this last week has been pretty good we did quite a lot of finding and enjoyed trade-offs with our district leader, I stayed in Warwick but probs would have liked to go to Toowoomba for the day, but we found a couple of good potentials (who at first thought we were school kids hahahaha!)  Something else people do in the super markets- come and ask us where stuff is (mistaking us as employees) - none of the employees wear ties (or badges, or white shirts for that matter, not even the managers) but hey it's all good fun, it's something to talk about.

We teach the youth 12 to 14 Sunday school every Sunday but the teacher for the older youth class was away so we had both classes together and man it was crazy cos there are heaps of youth here. They are really good kids though. You won't believe this, a member we had dinner with has a PET KANGAROO!!!! I laughed when they first told me.  I really want to get Warwick going -  things are picking up, the members are preparing people for us to see. I kind of have the suspicion that most of my mission will be planting seeds but that's OK with me. I just need to trust the Lord.

I also have bad news :( I lost my wallet, I honestly don't know how, we looked everywhere and left our number at the police station. Until I get a new church card we're living on my companion's allotment, we shop pretty cheap anyway (he's the man). That's what I like a lot of missionaries in the mission it's share and share alike.