Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sorry there haven't been any recent posts. Elder Kay's emails were short and mostly directed at the family for a couple of weeks. Then last week he was able to phone home as it was Mother's Day in Australia. It was lovely to chat to him - shame his dad and brother had already gone to work/ college, but that gave me and his sister more time to chat to him :-) When I preview this post it says Sunday 20th May, but it's actually Monday now

Here is today's email

Hey all,
Sorry I didnt email last week due to calling home, really sorry. The past week has been good, we found quite a few potentials tracting. We also taught a member referral lesson (a lesson that involves inviting members to give referrals, it's great and really encourages members to get focussed on a specific person or family). That went well and hopefully the Centenary Lakes Elders will have success with  getting  in contact with their family to reactivate some of their children. We got in touch with some less actives who are trying really hard to get back to church; they are doing well and having scripture study and everything but the dad works away as he is a linesman. I didn't get to see whether they were at church on Sunday because I was transfered to Townsville.  I flew up on Saturday (if you go north you go up earlier).

The first day in Townsville has been great! My new comp is called Elder Abel, from Sydney, he seems like a great guy. It was good to have a first day in the area at church, its a branch of about 100 and I was welcomed with open arms (especially as there are a lot of English peeps up here). I'm so glad to be up here in the winter, its in the tropics so it is very hot in the summer apparently but it's normally in the high 20's in winter and it doesn't really seem to get cold at night. Townsville is alot bigger than I thought it would be, It's the biggest city North of Brisbane.  I've not seen that much of it yet. I'm going to miss some families in Centenary Lakes but I'll probs see them when I come back. There are currently five Elders here at the moment because Elder Auld isn't leaving till the 29th when he flys down to the mission home to finish his mission and go home. There are two areas in Townsville (I'm in Townsville East).  I need to write to a lot of people but I'm going to wait till we move house so I can put the return address on.

I hope you are all doing well and having wounderful lives, I'll email some photos of Townsville when I have some good ones.

love, Elder John Kay

P.S.  I left all my letters with the addresses at the mission home as I was only allowed one case, so I pretty much brought the essentials.