Monday, 6 February 2012

First Few weeks in Australia

Excerpts from Elder Kay's emails. Hopefully I will keep this blog more up to date in future!
6 Feb
Hey everyone!!!
It's so great to here from you all. Guess what?!!! FIRST KANGAROO SIGHTING!!!  I'll send you the picture (half of them were wallabies)  Elder Richards and I went exploring one day (he's not been in the area that long so we wanted to get to know it better) We went to a little garden and saw a few lizards. On  Wednesday we went down to the city to a new missionary training meeting at the Kangaroo Point chapel (which is the one right next to the temple). We walked from the train station along the river and it was a lovely walk, probably the hottest it's been so far. We saw loads of water Lizards just sitting there and Elder Taufa (who is training Elder Reiri) tried to catch one. The meeting got me fired up a little.

Someone asked if I'm in Sunshine Coast? I'm a couple of hours south. It's also only a 30 minute drive from the city. About the weather the summer is actually the rainy season so it's pretty humid most of the time. Today we're going to play lazer tag and theres not a cloud in the sky so it's pretty hot. I thought I'd lost my sunglasses this week but I found them in my bag this morning :P.
We taught Michelle this week who turns out to have a 23 year old son with Angelman syndrome. I think thats what its called, its like a severe brain damage so he can hardly talk and he's wheelchair bound. The first lesson went well so we're seeing her this Tuesday. In district meeting Elder Richards and I taught an awesome roleplay of the Restoration, but theres still alot to get better at.

 31 Jan
It was raining last week quite heavily for a time and parts of Burpengary had an evacuation warning. We didn't though -  it'll be really unlikely our flat is actually flooded. Rain here is so much nicer as it's warm although if it doesnt rain the day after it gets sooooo muggy. Apparently it's forecast to rain for the next couple of weeks but not as bad. It was only light rain this morning and I think it's stopped now.
My exercise consists of push ups.  We played touch rugby on P-day with most of the zone. It was great fun and I met alot of cool missionaries. These are the members of my district - Elder Taufa, Elder Reiri, Elder Caby, Elder Stuart and then of course the ones I've mentioned who are in my flat. Elder Richards is a good missionary, he is teaching me a lot. 
Our washing machine broke :/ but it'll be all good. Thanks about the journal I am trying to keep it. I made notes in a training meeting by Elder Person of the seventy, so they will be of great value.
The missionary work continues to progress, I'm getting to know the members of the ward, which is a great blessing. I met the Bishop and his family for the first time yesterday as he had been on a buisness trip to New Zealand. They are a great family. Me and Elder Richards are also slowly trawling through some less actives and former investigators. We found a lady called Miriam from central America who we think will accept the gospel. She also has two children. I am so grateful that the Lord has blessed me with health, as we do quite a lot of walking when it's not our car day, which reminds me of a time last week when I was on Trade off's with Elder Wallace. We walked for ages, but I did not faint. but when we got back to the flat I felt as though I couldn't have walked any further. The Lord keeps his promises for keeping the word of wisdom (run and not be weary, walk and not faint). The work is sometimes difficult but I feel blessed to be here. When Elder Richards and I were tracting, one lady was interested. We told her who we were and the message we share and asked if that would be something she'd be interested in (people nearly always say not really or try to dodge) but this woman just said plainly and boldy YES! We were taken aback a little but that day was one of the days we'd prayed specifically to find someone. Heavenly Father certainly answers prayers.
Send my love to the branch. "Onward, ever onward as we glory in his name. Onward, ever onward as we glory in his name. Forward, pressing forward as a triumph song we sing God our strength will be, press forward ever called to serve our king!" (Hymn no. 249)

23 Jan
My area is called centenary lakes but we actually live in the Burbengary area cos we're with the District Leaders. I'm in the Brisbane North Zone and I stay around Brisbane while I'm being trained which is two transfers. My companion is Elder Richards. This first week has been kinda quiet on the missionary front as on the first day (Thursday) we had a District meeting in the morning, and some appointments fell through in the afternoon but we did go and meet a recent convert and we talk with her and got a teaching appointment from her sister. On the Friday it was weekly planning so that takes up the whole morning, then we had to go into Brisbane to the office to pick up a form then drive back out to get it signed which ate up our time and we had to ask for more K's (km for the car).  I'm in a shared car area so we have the car every other day. Our area is huge. We'll be using the trains quite a bit so I need to get a GO card (which is like the queensland version of an oyster card).
I'm learning lots including that this is absolutely nothing like my missionary experience I had in England. The Centenary Lakes ward seems cool.  We had a dinner appointment with the second councillor and his family and on Sunday we had a meal appointment with an English family. I had probably my first and last Cornish pasty in australia. They were home made and delicious.  They  kept feeding us carrot cake.  The district leader is called Elder Webster and his companion is called Elder Wallace. I went on trade offs with Elder Wallace on Saturday and that was really good but I learned not to got tracting without suncream. Oh and I've put on weight! I dont know how much cos we dont have scales but I can tell.