Tuesday, 31 December 2013

On the way home

The flight left Brisbane on time and some of the Crichton family went to see him leave. Here are some photos.

There will be more tomorrow taken at Newcastle airport after 25 hours of travelling.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Last emails from Australia

Well, a week or two late but here is the last email update from Australia for Elder Kay as he will be Skyping Christmas day and returning home on New Years Day. Anyone who would like to meet him at the airport is welcome to drop me an email. Unfortunately we cannot offer a lift and the Metro isn't running that day. His brother-in-law's sister's family will be giving him a good send-off from Brisbane. So far only four of us will be welcoming him home at Newcastle. Thanks for reading this blog over the last two years and being patient when I took a while to post updates. Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and signing off

Elder Kay's mum

On 9th December Elder Kay wrote: -

Man was this week a scorcher! My companion and I both got sunstroke I think. Man I love drinking water! Anyway, while I'm on the subject of weather someone told me there was a massive storm surge that swept through England and cut power lines between London and Edinburgh. Hope everything is all good. It sounds like everything will be different when I get back. Things are starting to slow down a little for the holiday season and I think this is just a great opportunity for us to reach out in ways that are more creative. (Isn't that a bit weird that just because it's Christmas it becomes acceptable to make cakes randomly for each other).  It's a little weird having Christmas in the heat again.  We went on Trade-offs with some of the young men and prospective Elders this week, it was great. This ward is really changing. EXCITING!! I will miss it when I'm gone. I love you all and hope you are not getting too caught up in the stress of the Christmas season. Remember who we are worshipping, it is such a wonderful time of year to reflect how we can more effectively serve our fellow men and our Lord.

LDK xxx

On 16th December Elder Kay wrote: -
Hey everyone,
I guess everyone is getting busy in the pre Christmas frantics. I hope we are all finding time to reflect upon the life and mission of our Saviour as we draw closer to the celebration of His birth I think it is such a wonderful blessing that we have this knowlege of our Saviour and we all see to often the world around us forgetting the origins of this wonderful time of year.
This week has been good but absolutely exhausting. We are excited for the families that we are teaching and we have been abke to contact a family who are under  the radar of the Church records who want their youngest children Baptised. We also went carol singing on Friday. It was wonderful and we invited each of the families we visited to a meet and greet breakfast at the park which was a great success and we had a great time. We laughed so much. 
The work is good, we are re contacting alot of people because the area is so small but we are meeting lots of great people. I'm really getting to know the ward well, I will miss it when I leave but I guess I'll be back someday (that's the plan).
Have a great week, I don't know if I'll be emailing again with the whole Christmas thing unless I email just before I leave while in the mission home. I love you all.
LDK over and out.