Monday, 10 September 2012

Here are Elder Kay's last two emails. If I don't post emails on Monday morning when I receive them it just gets forgotten! I have no idea why there are two different fonts and one suddenly gets smaller. I have just copied and pasted and taken personal bits out. Hope you can read it all!

On Monday 3rd September he wrote

It's getting hotter - about the mid 30's at the mo, but it will probs get hotter, the nights are not so cold anymore either.  Sometimes it just gets so humid. I saw a paper in McDonalds that said there is record breaking bushfire risk because of the wet autumn (so lots grows) then really dry winter, crazy! I'm doing well, we are slowly but surely rolling the work forward. Our main investigator family is so close to coming to church - they just say they can't because one of their kids doesn't like it, but we're going to invite him to Mutual to soften him up, we'll just jeep trying and hopefully they can gain a testimony!

This week we did a bit of service, we seem to do alot of it, especially moving people (that's what we did this week).  We almost got a referral from a member that we asked for, we just need the address, we need to follow up. We are also organising a cottage evening this month so that should be great.

Thanks so much for your emails it's good to hear from you all, you all sound so BUSY!! hahaha.
I miss the temple being up north but hey.

I love you all so much you're AWESOME!!! take care

Bye!! xxxxxxx

Then today (10th September)

Howdy peeps,

How's it going? This week has been good, I think I'm going to miss a lot of people in this area when I am transferred.  I dont know how people can leave their mission and never go back to visit if they are able to. The work is still going we are making good progress with our investigators; they are great people.

Every Saturday we play touch football with some non members and now that we've got alot of people coming I want to do a spiritual thought each week, I've also started excercising every morning and eating better so I might lose weight :P I'm getting alright at touch as well and I'm learning to kick. hahaha. 

We were talking about the signs of the second coming and the apocalypse in district meeting and Elder Mathews (senior Elder) was saying that when the world no longer accepts the missionaries message then there will no longer be missionaries, the time is not yet though - there are still wonderful people searching for the truth.

I know it takes a long time with some people. Sometimes we have to drop people just so we can focus our efforts but we always go back to former investigators in the area book, circumstances always change :) It is such an important work. hmm theres not alot really happening at the moment in particular. we're still teaching alot of less actives. sorry I forgot my memory stick and camera so I wont be sending photos this week sorry.

If you were a king what would you say to your people as your last address? I love the words of king Benjamin as he councils his people, It just goes to show his love for his people and his testimony in the gospel, what a great example. anyhoo, I hope you are all doing well I love you all. I testify of the truthfullness of the Gospel and I'll talk to you next week.