Monday, 4 November 2013

Exercising bodies and faith

Hey hey hey!
This week has been great, we now have a new work out that President Henderson put together with a personal trainer, there's a beginner's, intermediate and advanced exercise. The advanced is HARD but I hope to be able to do it by the time I go home. 

There is a lot of work to do still and we were blessed with miracles this week as we were diligent with the work. We found a less active part member family who live on the street we're always around as our area is tiny. It's so strange that there are so many people to work with in such a small area, it's because of all the Samoans. Some missionaries think it's like Utah here. We were also able to catch up with a family that we've been trying to contact for weeks and found out they were sort of messed about with the house they're in by their landlord so have to move. They would like to stay here in the Ward but they might not find a house here so we are praying for them, they are such a good family. There is a non member there who struggles with the English gospel terms so my companion has given me his Samoan Preach my Gospel and hopefully we can teach him, Elder T's Gospel Samoan isn't the best as he wasn't really around the church speaking Samoan a lot but he managed to teach the restoration last transfer, apparently with much effort. I'm only going to be learning Samoan in my spare time as I obviously wasn't called to a Samoan speaking mission so don't want to take it out of my study time.
We were blessed this week with 6 Baptisms in the Ward, 2 of them were from our area and it was such a wonderful event. I kind of wish I hadn't eaten Taro with the refreshments as it's really heavy and we had a dinner appointment an hour and a half later :/ I'll miss the Island food, I'll bring some koko Samoa for you all to try :D 

Our teaching pool is kinda dry at the moment after all the Baptisms but we are trying to find people and work with those we have. Lots of appointments fell through this past week but hey, it happens! There are so many great people here, if I get transferred to another area for my last I'll be disappointed, but I guess I'll be happy that the Lord has me where he needs me.

I love you all so much, strive to always be the best you can as we work together in becoming like our Heavenly Father. Help everyone you can. Have a great week.

LDK xxx

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