Friday, 5 July 2013

End of an era - change of Mission President

24th June
Hey everyone, Thanks for all of your support and prayers. Things are going well Elder Edwards and I are getting on like a house on fire. We are excited for the Baptism this week. It will be such a good experience. Things are going well here but we've been pretty busy this week we had special training and tradeoffs in Toowoomba and then we stayed in Stanthorpe for two days, there are some great members down there.
We're struggling to find new people to teach but we must keep going. President Langeland goes home this week, he will be greatly missed, It will be strange having a new mission president. Sorry I've not sent any photos in ages. 

1st July
Well this week was good we did alot of finding but it was topped off with a Baptism at the end of the week. On Sunday we also saw the World wide training meeting, it was brilliant! I'm excited for the new mission President arriving this week. Things are going well we will hopefully get the Branch inviting more of their friends to join in gospel related activities and eventually hear the discussions.
I love the book of Mormon I was reading in Alma and his wish that he was an angel to declare the Gospel to all the world, sometimes I echo that wish but I have learned that we must use the tools we have been given to do the things we can and the Lord will do the rest.
Sacrament meeting was about education on sunday it was really uiplifting and well... Educational hahahah. I'm still figuring out what I'm wanting to do when I come home.
Hope everyone is doing ok, if you're not, make it happen!

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