Monday, 29 July 2013

29th July 2013
This week our whole flat was sick so we were stuck in the flat for half the week. I wasn't too bad most of the time so I just traded off with the other Kenmore Elders to get work done in both areas. Things are starting to move here, we nearly matched last weeks numbers (apart from finding hours) even though we were sick and compared to last week we found heaps of potential investigators. At the moment we are teaching a guy that busks around Brisbane (he's really good and he said he can get 100$ from 4 hours :O I was like, I'm sooo moving here after my mission just to busk hahaha!)  It's weird being in a ward again, it's not as easy to get to know the members as there are so many. There are some awesome families here.
That church Pageant sounds really good, what's the program? you can up date me next week. There isn't really much to say due to being sick this week.
I hope everyone is good. If you're not good get good :P hahahaha. I can't believe your dying of heat over there while it's still cold here. During the day it's not too bad but at night it's yuk. anyhoo I'll love you and leave you.
LDK xxx

The photo was taken by the Crichton family who visited Elder Kay with birthday gifts and a cake for his 21st.

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