Thursday, 25 July 2013

Back in Brisbane

Elder Kay had his 21st birthday last week. There are photos on his facebook page. Here are excerpts from his last 2 emails

17th July
Greetings all from the land of Oz,
I've been transferred from Warwick, I think I was ready to leave but I will miss the members a lot. We met our new mission President last week, he and his wife are awesome and I'm really excited to be working with them, I'll miss President and Sister Langeland.  President Henderson is excited to take the mission up a notch, he's a business man so he's pushing to get ipads and facebook proselyting etc. to the ABM soon and first in Australia. He's changing a few things and putting a lot of emphasis on Trainers (missionaries who train the new missionaries) which I think is great because it will help the mission be more obedient from the word go.

I've been transferred to an area called Kenmore, in Brisbane Zone (Stake) our area actually borders the boundaries of the next stake.
My companions name is Elder Gross, he's from Arizona, USA and he's the trainee of one of my previous companions, he is a great guy.
Oh yeah I'm also District Leader again, I don't feel I did a good job last time so I want to try hard to do better, I'm realising that the mission is all about self mastery, preparing us for our life and then ultimately for the eternities. President Henderson said at transfers that District Leaders are going to have increased responsibilities so it will be interesting to see the new changes.
I'm really excited for this new Transfer. It's a new start. I think I learned what I can from Warwick and I'm ready to make this last 6 months count. I love you all so much, never give up, live your dreams and be faithful to our Lord and master who has given us all.
Love LDK xxx

22nd July

Hope everyone is well. This week has been pretty good, we've done a lot of finding. We taught a lesson to the young women who had brought along a couple of non member friends and it went really well, I really enjoy teaching a group I think it is way fun. Missionary work in Kenmore seems to be slow at the moment (seems to be the trend for me, being transferred into slow areas) but I hope we can pick it up, we did a lot of tracting this week but got hardly any potentials. I really want to help the members be better missionaries. There are a few good missionary families but the Ward can always improve so hopefully we can serve them and try to lift them up. We meet in a chapel that is actually in a different stake.

I did a couple of Baptismal interviews with the Kenmore 2 Elders' investigators, they are amazing people and will be a wonderful addition to the ward. There are some really nice people here and I think that things could take off eventually, maybe not in my time but hopefully I can lay a bit of groundwork.
The sisters flat flooded last night it was a bit crazy, all their stuff seemed to be ok though is what they told me. Now in the mission there are so many sisters that there are appointed Sister Trainer Leaders to go on Trade-off with the Sisters as DL/ZL's can't go with the sisters (for obvious reasons). It's incredible to be here to see so many changes in the mission, it's so weird, I'm the oldest in the Flat and it's strange being such an old guy, my companion is fairly new in the mission. 

New rules are being introduced by the new mission president to clean up missionaries language (many people adopt like the Polynesian slang and things) to help us be more like the Saviour. It's good, but a little difficult, but I guess it prepares us more for the eternities, We were sent here to become like Him. We truly are Children of God and I love the Plan of Salvation.

I'll probs have to buy some jeans or something when I get home (depends on how much weight I lose)  probs not a lot as there are quite a few Tongans in the Ward and they are great at feeding missionaries!
I love you all never give up and remember who you are.

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