Thursday, 8 March 2012

This is the email from February 13th that went missing in the ether because there were too many photos attached so Elder Kay re-sent it to his brother this week.

Thank you so much for your emails one and all it's great to here from you. We had trade offs on Saturday and we walked about 10 miles. Nobody wanted to listen to us. It was a good experience though because I stayed in my area (Elder Richards went with the DL in Burpengary) so I got to know the area a bit better. Man it's crazy -  I put sun cream on and just sweat it all off so I have to keep re applying it. We are teaching a recent convert called Tiegan. She's cool, but she wants to know everything right now, we just teach her a bit at a time and have told her to let us know if she has any questions. We ask her after every Sunday School lesson if there was anything she didn't understand. She studies pretty good as well, but sometimes doesn't understand the scriptures so we have to help her.

Something I enjoyed this week was we bought MacDonalds and drove up to this lookout. Its an awesome view It looks over the Glasshouse Mountains (which are hills North of our area). It was gorgeous and we had a laugh. There was a banana plantation in the valley and you could just see the sea then it got dark and you could see all the lights below, I wish I'd taken a picture but never mind. We'll probs go up there again. 
 Send my love to the branch 

Week beginning Feb 27th was Transfers week. Elder Kay didn't move, but the District Leader did so there was no time to send an email. We did receive one this week though - March 7th

Hey all!!
We had another temple day so It's Wednesday Pday again, but dont worry it'll be back to normal again next Monday. 
Well not a lot has happened since last time I've emailed apart from we've not been able to do as much as we'd like or work with all the people we like due to Km  restrictions so we've asked for more because some smaller areas have nearly the same amount of Km and they can't use them all even when they never "car fast" [i.e. go on foot or public transport] We we can't actually car fast here because the two companionships in our apartment take turns using the car. We have a New District leader who replaced Elder Webster. He's called Elder Moore, This week we had a Ward council and Bishop gave us some less active members in the ward that we can go visit.  We're strengthening the members even though we have no investigators at the moment. Also we found some former investigators who might be related, we think so because we met this girl from Thursday Island knocking on a former investigator's door, who she said was her uncle (we think so cos there are very few no Aboriginals from Thursday Island, and we felt it a little more than coincidence) so we have three baptizms as a goal this month.  
Well theres not that much more to say apart from an investigator's member step son recovered from almost impossible odds from surgery so hopefully his heart will be softened. 

The nights are begginning to get a little cooler because the summer's pretty much over, but it's still rained quite alot. Oh and my trousers are getting tight. hahahaha. I'm also beginning to like Samoan food quite a bit :P I LOVE TARO!!! 

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