Monday, 12 March 2012

Here is Elder Kay's email from today - 12th March

Hi all,
This week has been quite a good one. 

A week ago we cut a member family's grass. We had a great time. They live kinda far out and we saved some Km so we could save them a trip to the train station to pick us up. Brother Beaumont is so  so nice, they are a great family. We're working with their daughter and family (who live with them) to get the daughter re avctivated and her husband baptised. Their  middle child just got baptised about a month ago (we participated in the confirmation).

Last week we went Fourwheeling on Bribie Island beach with Brother Phillips and the Opies.  Brother Opie is fun and Brother Phillips (Sister Opies Brother) served his mission in Russia.  We watched Brother Phillips surf and it was nice to paddle in the sea (as missionaries are not allowed to swim). We also had a 'walk in' last Sunday at church. His name is Hady and he's Baptist. He was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and welcoming the ward were, dispelling stories of 'evil Mormons'. He wasn't at church this week but we're going to get in contact with him and we offered to help him move house.
I found that info on Taro and laughed (according to what Mum found on Wiki it is supposed to give you kidney stones if you eat too much). Don't worry I've not had anywhere near as much as Elder Richards has (who served in a Samoan ward for 9 months) and he doesn't have kidney stones. When they are raw they also give you a rash but hey lol you dont eat them raw. We also got some cocoa Samoa a couple of weeks ago. Its basically roasted cocoa beans squished into a hard concentrated block that you grind and boil into a drink. So it's a warm drink thats not against the Word of Wisdom. I like it when you get to the end you chew down the bits of cocoa bean... YUM!!! :P
When you told me Amelia was the only one signed up to my blog I smiled she is so great!!! Will you be able to get her address, I would like to write her. 
I studied the Book of Abraham a couple of weeks back and it's great. It really gives a sense of the Old Testament times and how ancient the gospel is. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true, Joseph Smith was a true Prophet and Thomas S. Monson leads and directs Christs Church in these last days.

Here is the new ABM (Australia Brisbane Mission)  slogan:.... RISE UP TO THE NEXT LEVEL! President Langeland told us the following experience : -

"This last week, a couple of excited missionaries called us with the following miracle.    Two missionaries were walking home from dinner and 2 drunks, sitting outside a home, called them over.  They weren't sure they wanted to converse with 2 drunks, but went over.  The men questioned them about what they knew about Jesus Christ, but also began to mock them.  A wife came out and said that one of the men had to go to court the next day and asked the missionaries if they would give him a tie because her husband didn't have one.  They said no and she said that Jesus would have given them one if He had been there.  So they gave him a tie, understanding that the Gospel is for everyone and they didn't have a right to choose who would receive it.  The next day, they were walking by this home and saw this man out in the garden.  They stopped to talk with him and he now wants them to come back and teach his family of four.  They have an appointment this Wednesday." 


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  1. Hello Mrs. Kay!
    I just read that John wanted my address, if you get a chance to pass it onto him that would be great! I've been meaning to write to him too! I Promise I'll do it soon.
    My address is
    65 Whitton View, Rothbury, Northumberland, NE65 7QN