Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April 2nd 2013

How is everyone?  I can't believe how much Spike has grown -  his emails are really inspiring and he must have had a great trainer. I'm glad. Man he's such a good example to us all.  This last week was slow as due to many bike problems but we found some awesome potentials, an Irish couple who we left really thinking about stuff I think the spirit really touched them but the appointment we had with them yesterday fell through, but it was a public holiday so they probably just decided to go out as they had a day off. This week has already started off better and we are doing some good work, the members here are awesome, Warwick area in the mission kind of has a bad reputation but it is awesome, I truly have a testimony of attitude and how it can affect things, especially your spirituality. My legs are getting strong as from so much cycling, Warwick town is pretty flat but there are some really hilly areas that we often go to, We've been really looking for opportunities to serve people as well, as that is what will render a positive response from people here, we might be helping a guy landscape his Garden and we might be doing service at a place that does horse riding for the disabled. I love this gospel and the blessings it brings to our lives.
My companion was reading the Infinite Atonement by Callister and we studied how people have concerns with us becoming Gods, one of the scriptures it directed to was in John, chapter 10 where Christ speaks to the Pharisees and tells them that if it wasn't the case "their" law would be Broken. I'll put in a excerpt next week.
I love you all. Stay strong, stay Awesome.
Elder Kay

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