Wednesday, 17 April 2013

8th April
Hey, How's it going?
I got told I sounded more English than ever yesterday YYYYAAAAAAYYY, People keep telling me I sound American but I think it's cos they have pre conceptualised ideas about Mormon Missionaries. aaah well, the work is going slowly at the moment but we did a lot of service this week, we dropped a few potentials, we really need the Lords help right now cos we can't seem to find anyone, but there is someone otherwise we wouldn't be here. Our Branch mission leader is the best, he is always encouraging the members to feed us and find people, he's the man. It's good to have challenges though. Our one Investigator is back so we hope to be teaching her a lot but she's really busy with her family Business. An excommunicated member has decided to get re Baptised which is exciting (even though it's not our jurisdiction) 
 I'm excited for Zone conference this week as we'll actually see missionaries, it's kinda lonely here I'm glad the members are awesome and my companion is the man. man I hope I can get more humble I'm such a Mahi but hey that’s what the mission is for.
15th April
Talofa, ua mai oe?
Hello, how are you? This week has been interesting, our bikes seem to have endless problems, we got flats again, so we bought these inner tubes with slime in, this sealant that stops you getting punctures (YEAH). I really enjoyed conference although I only saw two and a half sessions.  I really enjoyed L.Tom Perry's talk and President Monson’s talk, also President Uchtdorf’s talk.
We are doing a lot of finding at the minute, we found some awesome potentials on a trade-off this week. I think the district leader and his companion got a bit bushed as we had a Zone conference at Karawatha (just south of Brisbane) so they had to get up early to pick us up for the 2 hour journey to get there by 8:30 and they are an hour away in Toowoomba. They stayed overnight after the conference then left. President gave an awesome training on the Saviour’s physical experience though the Atonement and it was incredible. I'm so grateful for he did and is now doing for us and it is such a blessing to be able to have and to share this knowledge.
keep the faith and be strong 

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