Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Here are Elder Kay's last two emails and some photos

This one from 12th June

Good Morning from Townville,
Pday this week is on Tuesday as President Langeland came up yesterday so it was a normal work day. This last week has been pretty good, we saw alot of people. From Tuesday until Thursday we stayed in an old missionary flat in a little town called Charters Towers. We went up to see how fruitful the work would be there, it has a small Branch of about five or six active members and one of those is in the mines so isn't there sometimes, the Branch president was only baptised about two years ago so isn't very experienced, it has a wonderful little chapel, which tbh is one of the reasons it is still open as it's an old listed building. 

So yeah we went around seeing the active and less active members and did a little finding, it's a pretty small town, just smaller than Alnwick, I don't think they will get missionaries any time soon but we're allowed to drive out there if there are teaching appointments so yeah :D Mind the flat will need some cleaning up and the toilet fixed. So yeah everythings all good we have a few people we could easily set a Baptismal date with, a family being one of them :P so we're gonna get them to church if we can next time we see them.

The missionary couple have found two houses that are closer to the chapel which is good. we'll be moving soon. I hope all is well. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

all my love
Elder John Kay.

It looks like this photo was taken at the airport when he flew up to Townsville

On 18th June he wrote: -

Talofa lava
How is everyone this fine day? :P man the weather has taken a turn for the better, it's so clear and warm, I have more of a suntan :P  I compared my forearm to Elder Latu's chest and I'm just as brown hahaha. This week has been ok. We couldn't use the bikes this week because they were stolen. But we got the old bikes fixed (we recently bought 2 new bikes as the old ones were kinda small for a certain large Tongan missionary and a fairly large Maori companion of mine hahaha.) I can now fit some size 34 waist pants (I have a cool pair of dickies shorts that were in the flat) I've put on 14 kg's :/ I really need to  start excercising better. But anyway the work is going good, we have an investigator family who came to church this week and really liked it so, me and Elder Abel are excited :P they seem to be great people, theres no question they are interested the only thing is that Dennis smokes, but you never know he may give up easily when he gets a testimony :). We also got in contact with our next door neighbour who had a baptismal date but fell through because he and his partner had a messy breakup, but he is keen as and he LOVES the missionaries, he seems cool as and is gonna shout us a barbecue :P. So yeah, it's all good :) anyhoo, I'll be off now hope all is well. :D.

Spiritual thought: John 20:7

At the time of Christ, kings, when dining would use a folded napkin to show they were not yet finished, when they were finished they would wipe their mouth and throw the napkin away, if you read in John you see that the folded napkin in the tomb signified the work of the lord was incomplete, he would return, He certainly did return, he lives and he loves us, he is the only way we can return to our Heavenly Father

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