Monday, 4 June 2012

Here are Elder Kay's 2 latest emails. He has promised to send some photos to his brother as for some reason my email account won't accept them, so we will post them as soon as we can (his brother is away until Thursday)

28th May

Hello all from up in Townsville,
This week has been  overcast and rainy. I've been freezing hahaha.

It's been good to get to know the area a little, it's easier than I thought it would be. We've been delivering letters to less actives all over Townsville; the Branch President wrote a letter to all the less actives. It's a great idea. President is great, we go round his house every Sunday with some of the members of the ward to have dinner, it's awesome, there are some great families. The Branch president has high expectations (as he should). I decided that when we do deliver the letters we could knock a door either side of the house to find more people. Tracting is where you get all the funny experiences me thinks.   I love you all and pray for you, give my regards to the Branch and all, . HEAPS of love

Elder John Kay

4th June
This week has been such gloomy weather, it's been good but we bought some milo and timtams to get us through the glooms  so we had a timtam slam :P, which is when you bite the ends of the timtam
and then you suck milo through it like a straw until you can taste the milo then all the inside is all soft and the chocolate melts and its just deviiinee :P, 

The work has been pretty good this week, we've mainly been getting these letters to the less actives that I mentioned last week so I'm getting to know the area well. We found this great guy yesterday who is Catholic, I'm not sure how successful we'll be with him but I can see him as a member of the church :D we wont be going back until after the 13th though because he has exams. His name is David, he's south African and he's doing electronic and electrical engineering. It was funny actually because at first he wasn't all that
interested in even talking much about religion but then I asked for a drink (because it was the first hot day we'd had all week and we were on bikes) and we got talking and we gave him a book of Mormon so we
shall see. Townville is Beautiful but looks a bit gloomy in the rain so I've not really taken any pictures of the landscape or area but I'll send some pictures of us to Michael

One of the members of my ward said I would be good at remedial therapy, she was fixing Elder Fox's neck and I noticed the slight changes that show when you press the muscles and wait for the body to respond, so
maybe something to think about we'll see, she said you don't really need maths either,

I really don't know what I want for my Birthday, I don't want to accumulate alot of stuff while I'm up here because I can only take one suitcase back south when I leave Townsville,

We move out of our flat on the 1st of July I think - the owner wants top sell it. The senior couple are working so hard to find another one for us but flats are hard to come by up here,
I hope you are all well, my best wishes and love goes with you all. I know the Church is true, it contains the very gospel that our Lord and Saviour taught and I know that he lives as does our Father in heaven. I know the book of Mormon was translated by the power of God by a wounderful Prophet named Joseph Smith who truly saw what he said he saw - Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  In the name
of him who died to save us all, Jesus Christ Amen.

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