Monday, 25 February 2013

Working hard and teaching some great people

On 18th Feb Elder Kay wrote
That’s awesome that the missionaries are in Alnwick. That area will be truly blessed especially through all your hard work.

Things are going good for Elder O'Connor and I - he's the best, we have such a good time and we work hard, we can always improve though and that is something we help each other with.

Our investigator didn't come to church but we met her friend and he's cool; he wants to be baptised and when we gave him the Book of Mormon and asked him to read he said "yes, and I'll have to come to church if I read this I feel as though they go hand in hand" Man the Lord really opens the door if you ask and are faithful. I'm so grateful for all the many blessings I have.

Anyhoo give my best to everyone.

And 25th Feb
Things are going OK here, we had a lot of lessons fall through last week, but we have heaps planned for this coming week. While on a “Trade-Off” with the Zone leaders my companion found a former investigator who wants to hear the lessons again. We're teaching him tomorrow so I'm excited to meet him, he just had open heart surgery so is bed bound which is sad, but we can pretty much teach him whenever we want - obviously being considerate to his rest and stuff. We are working well with the ward also and I'm starting to get to know more people. We got 12 people to teach this week!!! It's amazing, we are also teaching this awesome girl who is very accepting of what we teach and she will hopefully come to church on Sunday. We had someone at church this week who we are starting to teach but she is hardly ever available because of work.

It's so crazy Michael is on his mission in Manchester. Something I was thinking was that I think I was sent to Australia because I reckon I would find it hard being a missionary so close to home.

I miss the Branch, I was thinking recently about how much they were a part of my life and I need to write to everyone.

Be strong. Keep the Faith.

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